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Customer Service Information
Privacy Policy - Crozier Studio does not use or disclose personal information about any client.
We do not use client information for purposes of solicitation, advertising, unsolicited e-mail or spamming, harassment, invasions of privacy or other objectionable conduct.
Refund and Return policy - If you don't like it, return it in like-new condition within 30 days. We will refund the purchase price of the item. Buyer pays all shipping and will purchase return shipping insurance for the full purchase price.
Shipping Policy - Sunstones and in-gallery pieces will be shipped within 7 days of receipt of the order.
E-mail notifications- We notify our students and customers, who want to be notified, about studio activities, events and web site changes. We do not add e-mail addresses to the studio e-mail list without approval. If we are notified that anyone wishes to have their e-mail address removed from the studio e-mail list, they will removed.
Credit card purchases - We accept on-line credit card purchases for Sunstones on the web site. We do not currently accept credit cards by phone or in the studio.
Forms of payment - We accept personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks. For established customers who pay by checks, shipment of in-gallery pieces will be within 7 days of receipt of order. For new or one-time customers who use checks, shipment will be delayed until 7 days after the check is deposited.
Established Customers - Established customers are customers who have a history of five or more individual purchases.
Special orders - Pottery orders for individual pieces take up to eight weeks to process. There is a minimum of two weeks to make and fire pottery. Each piece has to be formed, after which it dries to a leather-hard condition before it can be trimmed and handles or other additions added. Once finished, pieces take at least one week to dry before they are fired in a bisque kiln. After bisque firing each piece is individually glazed and then high fired. The high firing takes 48 hours to complete. The high fire kiln holds up to one hundred pieces.
Payment for special orders - Orders for unusual pottery pieces are prepaid with no return except for pieces that have defects.
Breakage - Serving vessels are oven safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and lead free. Vessels designed for oven and microwave use are guaranteed against breakage in oven or microwave for 90 days from purchase date. Breakage due to heating on oven top, direct flame, dropping or misuse is not covered.
Commission artwork - Commissioned work requires many hours of work and thought. Each commission will be evaluated for cost, and a time frame for completion will be determined. Advances may be required on commission work.
Copyright - This web site is the intellectual property of Marvin Crozier. Art work, Sunstones, printed material and pottery created by Marvin Crozier may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Marvin Crozier.