J. Marvin Crozier began his career as a professional artist craftsman in 1971. His preferred mediums are acrylic, watercolor and clay. He also works in mixed media and sculpture. From 1972 until 1990 Marvin was owner of Nauvoo Pottery and Gallery in historic Nauvoo, Illinois. Over the years he has sold artwork to customers from over 80 countries. He relocated to Missouri in 1991 and began graduate studies. Marvin received his graduate degree in Fine Arts at CMSU. Marvin works in his studio located in rural Missouri, about 25 miles east of Kansas City. It is associated with a raku kiln yard, an herb garden and a pond with really big catfish. He works in this setting that seems to appeal to all visitors.
Inspiration for my artwork in acrylic, watercolor and sculpture comes primarily from nature, particularly the wide open prairie. The abstract shapes, color and design seen on the prairie are extraordinary. Space, distance, always-changing light, even the dirt and rocks underfoot are inspiration. I really enjoy seeing old farmsteads, the abstract fading colors of the abandoned barns, farm houses, windmills, and rusting machinery.
Inspiration for my clay work stems largely from two sources. They are Early American folk pottery and Nature. I have always been intrigued with clay vessels for the presentation of food, reminiscent of Early American folk pottery created for serving food. In the 1800s pottery used for serving food was viewed in much the same way we view disposable containers today. In the 21st century, ancient technique is combined with computer-calculated glazes and electronic pyrometers to create durable contemporary pottery food vessels.
There is a spiritual quality and healing in working with clay. In today's society we are inundated with technology and mass production. There is a calm peaceful feeling in working with and eating from a clay object that has been created with hands, each piece different from any other, each clay artist different from any other. Each piece of work, either art object or food vessel, that comes from my hands has been lovingly created, and oftentimes it is difficult to part with the creation. The pieces I create are the antiques and heirlooms of the future.